Forklift salvage yards/Junkyards in Lawrence

Forklift salvage yards in Lawrence are a great resource for individuals and businesses looking to find affordable and reliable forklift parts. These salvage yards specialize in acquiring forklifts that have been damaged or are no longer in use, and then selling the usable parts to customers in need.

How to find the best forklift salvage yards in Lawrence

When looking for the best forklift salvage yards in Lawrence, there are a few factors to consider. One important factor is the location of the salvage yard. By choosing a salvage yard that is close to your location, you can save on transportation costs and potentially visit the yard in person to inspect the parts before purchasing.

Additionally, it is helpful to consider the reviews and reputation of the salvage yard. Look for salvage yards that have positive customer reviews and a good reputation for providing quality parts. Online platforms and forums can be a great resource for finding this information.


Why do you need forklift salvage yards in Lawrence?

Forklift salvage yards in Lawrence are essential for individuals and businesses who want to save money on forklift repairs and maintenance. By purchasing used parts from salvage yards, you can often find high-quality components at a fraction of the price of new parts.

Used Parts in Lawrence: Pros and Cons?

There are both pros and cons to purchasing used forklift parts in Lawrence. The main advantage is the cost savings. Used parts are typically much cheaper than new ones, making them a cost-effective solution for forklift repairs. However, it is important to consider the condition of the used parts. While salvage yards typically test their parts before selling them, there is still a chance that a used part may not be as reliable or have a shorter lifespan compared to a new one.

Do forklift salvage yards in Lawrence sell new parts?

No, forklift salvage yards in Lawrence typically specialize in selling used parts. These salvage yards obtain forklifts that are no longer in use or have been damaged and then salvage the usable parts. However, some salvage yards may also have a selection of new parts available, so it is always worth checking with them if you need a specific new component.

Can I buy used equipment at a forklift salvage yard in Lawrence?

Yes, many forklift salvage yards in Lawrence not only sell used parts but also used forklifts and other equipment. If you are in need of a replacement forklift or other machinery, it is worth contacting salvage yards to inquire about their inventory of used equipment.

Are there any sales or discounts at forklift salvage yards in Lawrence?

Some forklift salvage yards in Lawrence may offer sales or discounts on their parts or equipment. It is always a good idea to inquire about any ongoing promotions or discounts when contacting a salvage yard. Additionally, some salvage yards may have regular sales or clearance events where you can find even greater savings.


Forklift salvage yards in Lawrence are a valuable resource for individuals and businesses in need of affordable forklift parts and equipment. By considering factors such as location, reviews, and reputation, you can find the best salvage yard for your needs. Whether you are looking for used parts or even used equipment, these salvage yards can provide cost-effective solutions for your forklift maintenance and repair needs.